Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Peacocks at the Park

Miss M and I went to a local park on Sunday for a nice picnic and some fresh air. This park has a small animal farm with goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, etc., and we enjoyed visiting with all the critters. This fella really made an impression...

He was sure feeling his oats strutting around and calling, and when he saw Miss M with the camera, he couldn't help but show his stuff...

Isn't he handsome? His mate was roosting inside the building, so I'm thinking he was probably calling out to see where she was...

We had a really great afternoon. We're definitely looking forward to warmer weather and getting out more.

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

LOVE This Picture

Miss M having her hair done...

We had a great girl's day out together. She had the works, from the shampoo to the style. She sure is growing up, the little diva.

It's rather chilly here this weekend. I was hoping to get outside and get some yardwork done. Still have some leaves in the back yard to remove and there are several limbs and small branches on the ground from the snow we had earlier this month.

Hope you're having a great weekend so far!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is Hendrix (the Husky) and Marley (the lab mix). I LOVE this picture.

Marley is such a little diva. We actually managed to get Hendrix to SIT DOWN for a picture and she just had to be involved, too!

We're expecting 77 degrees today! This compared to almost a foot of snow less than a week ago. Mother Nature sure is the fickle one! I'm just glad it's Saturday and I can be home to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. Don't forget to set your clocks AHEAD one hour tonight!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Miss M and I were skeptical when we heard we were expecting some accumulation last night. After all, it hasn't snowed all winter! But we were in the thick of it driving home from the Quilt Show last night. We slid into the driveway and by the time we got unpacked from our weekend in Smithfield, she was able to do this!

We ended up with about 10 inches of the white stuff, so she and I both are enjoying our first (and probably last) snow day of the season today.

The Quilt Show was a LOT of fun. I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful quilts. What some people can do with a needle is absolutely amazing! Miss Lola loaded up on pretty fabrics and thread, and Diana and I found some cross stitch floss as well. I also found a booth called "Precious Memories" and got these cool hooks for the kitchen for $1 each...

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your day!!!